July 22, 2011

Whisper of Heart to the Peeping drop of Tear...!!

Long, Hectic and tiring day at work, sitting in the cab listening to a favorite tune..A drop of tear peeps out of my eyes reminding me of my inability to pursue my dreams......at that moment small voice in my heart whispers to the tear...."Don worry..not everything is lost...the dream is still there and it can still be pursued"

A long trip with best buddies..having the time of life..forgetting all the pain and difficulties.....A drop of tear peeps out of my eyes asking me if this time will ever comeback......?? to which my heart whispers "Always make time for friends in life then such moments will automatically come back...and more frequently too"

On a business trip.....feeling really sick and low......I suddenly see my mom's number flashing on my phone...that moment..A drop of tear peeps out of my eyes remembering and thanking each and every sacrifice that she has made in life to bring me up to this level....Then I hear my heart whisper..."Don worry brother.....you will get a chance to show your gratitude to all those sacrifices made by her"

Meeting up with old friends after a long long time.....sitting around a table pulling each others' legs and snatching each others' food...A Drop  of tear peeps out of my eyes..telling me to live the moment to the fullest.....to which my heart whispers..."yes yes enjoy the moment.. all these will surely make some sweet memories when you get old"

A really good friend...stops talking all of a sudden and starts to Ignore leaving a small sense of loneliness behind..A drop of tear peeps out of my eyes shouting "Why me always??" and my heart whispers "Calm Down....may be that person is busy...Just give some time..you will get that person back"

Message of the post:
Recognize that voice of your heart and listen to it.....you will never go wrong

Signing off...!!!!