December 13, 2011

Me and My City....!!!

The place we live becomes a part of us over a period of time...You simply start loving every aspect of that....I am one of those fortunate few who got to stay at the same place for over 25 years. So there should be a fair idea as to how much I should be obsessed with the place.

As my dad works for railways, and the fact that I could travel in the train for free till i finished my education meant that I got to travel the length and breadth of the country...visiting many cities and places in a span of 15 yrs...But very few of them impressed me as much as my city did.

The strong smell of fresh filter coffee, the wonderful climate, the food, the people, the just embraces you as soon as you step in here and no wonder lot of people from around the country wish to make it their hometown. Welcome to "Bengaluru" or rather welcome to "Namma Bengaluru" as we Bangaloreans call it.

I have a special bonding towards this city not just because I stayed here for so is because I saw the city grow up with me. As people used to call it when I was small, it was a pensioner's paradise and a pretty laid back city more known for its rich culture and the wonderful climate.

But as I finished my schooling and in the duration of 7 yrs of my college life I saw an immense growth and I could see the face of the city changing......It used to give me immense pleasure as I could see the City grow up with me as my close I grew to be a responsible citizen, I saw my city grow up from a "pensioner's paradise" to the "Silicon valley of India".

Each and every stage....right from the First flyover built.....the first mall that came up...the first ever multiplex.......from a red BTS bus to a gleaming BMTC volvo......the first tech park.......the first ever Metro.......every change made me feel proud and with every change I started to love the city more and more.

And what more....I can proudly tell people that.....I am a native of this wonderful place.....and without a second thought...."Proud to be a Bangalorean"

Signing off.... :-)