April 7, 2012

'Then' & 'Now'

Today while having dinner, I had a very interesting conversation (for a change) regarding today's education system (in school I mean) with one of my cousins who is a school teacher.. and what I heard hit me like a ton of bricks..The alarming way in which the basic education has changed over the past decade...unfortunately not on the positive side

So while having the conversation, I was just trying to compare my school life I grew up with with that of the present one....What all has changed from 'then' to 'now'..

First thing that comes to my mind is the numerous amount of beatings that I took from my teachers in school....Not doing the homework correctly, not behaving well in class or getting less marks I used to get caned left right and center by my teacher...and the best part was my parents chose not to interfere...what ever happens in school never seemed to bother my parents because they knew that I was under the able guidance of a teacher....

            Today if a teacher canes a student for some mischief done, the whole fraternity turns against the poor teacher...the parents make a big issue out of it and create an ugly scene (as if they do not have any other work to do), the school management unfortunately takes action on the teachers to an extent where a teacher is asked to resign the job...and since a student knows all this he/she is hardly afraid of the teacher and never seem to give heed to their valuable advise....Is this not hindering a teacher's ability to guide a student in a right way??

The next thing I heard almost gave me a heart attack..the examination system that is currently in place. It is a government rule that no student should be failed in any of the exams until 9th Standard...that means no matter what happens..even if the student submits an empty answer sheet in the exam, it is the teacher's headache to ensure that the particular student does not fail

            I still remember where I used to be so terrified of failing in a class test (forget exams)...I used to literally shiver thinking about the consequences/punishment I would face from my teachers and this particular system instilled the fear of examinations in me...since I knew what failure was and what were the consequences I ensured that I always put my best foot forward to ensure that I prepare well in the exams so that I would at least pass. Unfortunately today, a students don't know what failing is or what it fees like, they least prepared to face it and when it eventually happens they don't know what to do...as a result - the number of increased suicide cases among the students today.

So what are the consequences of the current system in place...??weak-hearted students, highly unprofessional / unethical without a value based education and lack of respect towards wiser people....I'm not telling that everyone are like this but I am afraid that the majority of them fall under this category which is not a good sign!!! 

Looking at all this I feel...we were the lucky ones to get the type of education that we did....all the beatings and scoldings that we got..all those punishments which made us feel guilty of the mistakes we did.....in short it prepared us to face life....and I am proud of it :-) Aren't U ???

Sethu :-)