June 28, 2012

Is it so late already????

"Wedding".....these days it is a word that gives me shivers and chills that run down till my my spine....The magnitude of attention it grabs in the life of a youngster is incredible....the whole world around you seem to be interested only in your wedding and it would be as if they are working as a team - something like a  rapid action force with a tight deadline to get you married as soon as possible......!!!

Off late I have been in the eye of one such storm...everyone I meet has only one topic...."My wedding" and trust me..the topic itself is a pain in the wrong place..!! You are in such a fix that you never know what to answer and you foolishly smile to brush aside the topic ending up looking a bit stupid

Now a days I keep wondering what is the right age for a guy to get married...I know it is a debatable topic and it depends on a lot of external factors too but what made me think about it is....till 6 months back, per some people I was too young to get married but now all of a sudden after 6 months the same set of people seem to be in such a hurry for my wedding as if my 'sell by date' is about to near.....which seems a tad bit too strange to me....

For records..just as an FYI..I am still 26...surely not yet settled in life..still testing waters in my career and desperately trying to get my footing right with a lot of dreams and a definite goal in mind. Won't marriage mean added responsibility??......can't my wedding wait till I am ready for that responsibility...can't it wait till I get to a good position in my career...or

Is it so late already that I have no other option but to bow my head to this big responsibility...????

Only time will tell....

Sethu :-)