October 28, 2012

Life..!!! Its Awesomeness and Emptiness :-)

All these days, felt like I had hit a dead end en-route my thoughts on writing a blog post..!!! I must have started with some 10 topics and lost my way in the middle each and every time...I still have all those saved in my drafts......just hoping that I will be able to pull out some sane thoughts from my confused mind and give them a life..!!!

Now let me give this one a try :-)

How many of us would have felt that Life is just awesome and fantastic at one point of time...?? Many times....right?? Now how many of us would have felt that it is completely insane, mad and meaning less??? more or less similar number of times.......!! (I see a lot of people nodding :-P)
Some wise people have quoted it correctly..."Life is a fantastic leveler" -  at one point in time it makes you feel that you are on top of the world somewhere on cloud nine enjoying.....suddenly you see yourself crash landing on the ground screwing your ass up in a very bad way..!!

Just read this small story depicting the above words... (Now please don blame me for starting the story in an old stereotypical way, the whole feeling of narrating a story is lost otherwise :-P)

Long ago some where in the middle of some country in the heart of some city there lived a small boy with a normal intelligence level and leading a normal life as all the other boys of his age....like every one else, he wanted to steal the limelight amongst all his counterparts...be it in sports, studies, co curricular..what ever it is
and as the life moved on, the competition grew and with that his dreams.

After certain years, during the time of his 10th board exams, the peer pressure and the parent pressure got the better of him and as a result he did not get good grades. Now for a boy who wanted to be in the limelight right from a very early age, this was a jolt...he saw a lot of his friends with better grades move to better colleges for better courses and he found himself in an average college doing an average course. His self confidence took a hit, he could not get into terms with all these and had a very torrid time in proving himself to others.

As time passed by, he got used to the situation and started to feel comfortable with his lifestyle...but his desire to be popular amongst his peers was still very strong and this time he was a little more wiser....He did not allow any pressure to get to him, scored some good grades, graduated out of the college and got into a very good institution for his post graduation and later got into a good company.......At this situation, he felt life was so beautiful and just..

His professional life was perfect with some very good feed backs and very good opportunities and a decent status in the society with a fairy comfortable lifestyle......One fine day, while having a discussion with his manager, he spoke about his career aspirations and future plans and unfortunately for him, his aspiration, did not fit in the manager's future plans for the team and was ignored for all the possible opportunities that came up. All of a sudden, he saw his life take a downward trend......his subordinates went ahead of him, he could not find a job in the career line he wanted to even after a lot of attempts, some of his family members thought he was ruining his career by staying in the same place and he started feeling that life was running in slow motion and he had made a big blunder in discussing his career with his manager...!!!

He found it difficult to handle the situation....He did not have an opportunity in the current team, he was not getting any offers outside and almost went into a state of depression........But.......It had to get better somewhere, suddenly one day while having a chat with one of his old friends, he heard about a job with a reputed company which was more in line with what he wanted to do in his career, and fortunately for him, this time he was successful in getting an offer there.....he gleefully accepted this opportunity and moved on to the new role and surprisingly for him, things started to fall in place again.........In the end, he learnt that  Life has its own way of leveling things and you just have to give it some time :-)

The ending seems to be a little abrupt to me and the whole things looks a little directionless...but beg your pardon, this was the best way I could do it...I'm really bad at narrating stories :-P

What ever is the case, I guess I have conveyed the message that I had to.....

'Life is awesome, but it always comes with its own share of emptiness...Isn't it ???