January 18, 2013

Change..!!!! Is it Good or Bad???

Well.....here it comes, my first post in 2013 and I am getting a temptation of making a resolution to write some good posts and do it on a more frequent basis this year...Hopefully I will...!!! Thanks for bearing with all my stupidity till now....Please keep the trend going :-)

Without wasting any time, I wish you all a very Happy New Year....!! Have a blessed year ahead and may all your good dreams come true :-)

As the excitement of my new job, the joy of an extended vacation and the hang over of New Year party subsides, all of a sudden I get a feeling that my life has become a little chaotic. There are so many changes that are taking shape currently that I am hardly getting any time to respire..The strange thing with 'change' is that if deflates you at one moment and motivates you at the other.......So what are all those changes?? are they good?? are they bad??...lets find out.

New job means butterflies in the stomach....new people, new atmosphere, different kind of work pressure and a lot of such things. These changes itself are sufficient to make anyone feel tensely afflictive. In my case there were a couple of other things that added to the desolation....For starters this was my first jump since I started working after college which meant that I was sitting in a safe comfort level that I had created around me from which I had to come out. Secondly it was the enormous differences in the work culture that had taken me by surprise......My previous company was vibrant with young crowd, very enthusiastic and fun to work with. Where as when I joined my current company I was in for a bit of culture shock...It was dead opposite...In the sense that it was more professional, experienced crowd, very focused and meritorious to work with. Considering these, sometimes I feel I should not have quit the previous company which was so much fun but at the same time I feel that the move I have made would mean a big progress in my career front..... So is the change Good?? or Bad ??

Another big change that is round the corner is my Mother 's transfer to Hyderabad which would mean that there would be a lot of adjustments to make in my personal life as well. Till date, I had never worried about what would be in my lunch box, whether my lunch and breakfast would be ready by the time I left to work early in the morning, whether my clothes were loaded in the washing machine, whether the utensils were washed and all those things...more importantly I always look forward for the fresh hot coffee that is ready the first thing I get up in the morning or the by the time I come back home exhausted in the evening (before u even think of blaming me here, let me tell u, I used to help her with all those activities and I ensured that it never used to fall entirely on her). So when she leaves to Hyderabad next Sunday, I will have to start worrying about all these things and its only now that the enormity of her movement has hit me...!!! Not that I cannot manage, not that there is no one else to help me....its just that 'She' would not be here and that is not at all a comfortable feeling........but I know it is her interest, I know it makes me more responsible..!! So is it Good?? or Bad???

To add to these two, the one thing that is there in my mind for sometime now is Wedding and somehow with this topic, your's and your parent's thoughts simply does not match. What every you say is not correct for them and what ever they say seems to be strange to you. Its a never ending story everywhere....isn't it??....Well it is something similar in my case right now. I cannot marry a girl without talking to her and understanding her intentions where as my parents think that its a ridiculous idea and per them the girls will not speak out no matter what (which you and I should know is not that true). And even more ridiculously, if you go and speak to a girl separately / over the phone a couple of times, you are bound to agree what ever is the case. I have been having some sleepless nights with respect to all these discussion and I have had some small fights defending my way of thinking. God only know what happens....but I know one thing for sure.....after the wedding happens (whenever it does), that would also be a very big change adding a new dimension to my life altogether......wow it scares me!!!

What ever is the case, I am trying to come to terms with all these things and I never know when everything will settle down......For now just i'll sleep with the thought 'Change is the only thing that is constant in this world' isn't it???

Signing off


January 1, 2013

Another Year zooms past :-)

Firstly, congratulations for all the survivors of the so called 'Dooms Day'. Condolences for all the news channels, magazines and all the other media houses that did a count down for this event (How foolish). Unfortunately not many people were interested in watching them and neither did the event occur.....So all the valiant effort you guys put in to increase your TRP and popularity went down the drain - So make a resolution to cut all this crap and report something useful and important (I can bet you will never run out of topics in our sacred country)

As another year passes by, I was just sitting and pondering over all the good and useful things that I have done in one year...well...here is what I got

January - Sitting and planning for all the good things to be done over the course of the year and also made some resolutions (no I did not keep that up per usual practice - How shameless of me)

February - Feeling Jealous seeing all the wonderful couple around me and hoping to find a valentine by the same time next year.

March/April/May - Seeing all the children playing on the streets and wondering if I will ever get something called as 'Summer Vacations' again. Also preparing for the ICWAI - Inter exams I had to take up in June

June - ICWAI Inter exams

July - Exam Results (disappointment)

August/September - Feeling bad for results and trying to motivate myself to clear in the December Exams

October - Happy with HP (relief after a long time)

November - Birthday time.

December - Farewell Northern Trust :-(

Well if you just look at all the stuffs mentioned above, I can bet that you will not be able to find any interesting or a useful thing in that list (forget the HP part). Apart from dreaming the whole time, flunking in exams and lot of other not so good things that unfortunately I cannot tell in this platform. It was just a silent year that was very flat and flew past me before I could realize.

Today as we step into 2013, I feel I have to make my life a little more interesting (at least to make the above list look a little more vibrant). I do not want to take up any resolutions because I know it will never work. I just want to wish myself luck and put efforts to make the year a good one.

As some wise people have quoted "Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book - WRITE A GOOD ONE" (I surely will give it my best shot).
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year :-) Have a blast :-) See you next year..!!!!

For one Last time in 2012, it is
Signing off :-)