March 5, 2013

A Sweet Rejection...!!!

It must have been around 11.30 on a Friday morning. I was thinking whether it was a right time to call her or not. My heart was racing at little more than 100 beats per minute. Somehow I gathered all courage and dialed the number for which a very sweet voice responded. The smoothness of the voice made me even more nervous. After 15 minutes of conversation, we decided that we would meet up on Saturday evening at around 5.00 in a coffee shop at Jaynagar.

A Week before this incident -

My parents had shown me a pic of a girl which they had found in some marriage bureau. The girl looked simple yet very pleasing and bright at the very first sight. Fortunately for me, the horoscopes matched and it was time for me to meet her but the embarrassing thought of going to the girl's place and going through the routine procedure of sitting there uncomfortably with everyone staring at you like an animal in the zoo scared me a little. But something very interesting and nice happened this time. The girl's mother thought it would be a nice idea if me and that girl met separately outside to take a decision (how generous of her) which was exactly what I wanted too. So our numbers were exchanged and it was on us to speak and decide on how to go about it....

Back to the incident -

I could not sleep properly the previous night, I was nervously excited as things were turning out to be a little positive and the way I wanted it to go.......Come Saturday morning, I ensured that I was perfectly groomed, got my car cleaned and set out for what possibly could be a very important day in my life till date. I ensured that I reached the place in I expected, she was a little late and I had to wait outside that coffee shop for some time.....and all these while my heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it beat.

Finally she arrived......Looked casually beautiful with a Blue shirt and denims. She had a very good smile and an impressively soft voice and was looking very pretty..completely different than what I saw in the pic....we shook hands and went to the coffee shop.....Surprisingly for me, as soon as we sat to speak, I could feel my nerves calm down a little. Even she started to speak with more freedom as the conversation progressed......We spoke about our likes, interests, plans, friends and a lot of other things....felt as if I was speaking to a good friend and the conversation flowed very smoothly. Without our knowledge we had spoken for close to 2 hrs it was time for her to leave and we parted agreeing that both of us would think over and come to a decision.

For me, she possessed most of the qualities that I wanted to see in my partner. She was independent, broadminded and knew how to enjoy life........more than all these, she had all the boxes ticked to be a perfect friend. I thought of meeting her once more before coming to any conclusion and waited for her call and decision. She did not call me for a week and these 7 days I was just hoping that it would be a positive response from her.

Finally one morning, I got a call from her. I had a feeling that my heart came to my mouth as soon as I saw her number flash on my screen. I received the call and that lovely voice from the other side spoke out....This is what exactly she told...

 "I was very fortunate to meet you, and felt really good about the conversation we had but somehow I still am not ale to decide if I want to marry or not. I have certain commitments and its hard and too early for me to take a decision on wedding as of now. I can only think that I got a good friend at this point of time and nothing more than that. Hope you will understand"

Well.....what else could I have done....?? Thanked her for giving a frank opinion and cursed my luck for not being able to take it forward......she had sweetly rejected.....and as I sleep I cannot stop thinking about the whole incident ...It was so near.......yet so far :-(

Signing off


PS: She kept up her word...she is still in touch with me and I guess its just friendship for now :-)