January 15, 2014

2014 it is :)

Gosh!! I was hopping through a few blogs recently when I suddenly realized that it has been ages (literally ages) since my previous post and I have almost become a stranger to blogger (I have no one else to blame but 'ME')!!! Well.....I felt all guilty about it and decided to change that!! Was digging my brain for a few topics to pen down when it struck me!! Bingo!!

It is still a 'NEW' year and I can actually push a pencil with the customary New Year post !! Now comes the biggest challenge..how should I start?? what should I write ?? I can easily see that my thinking capacity is at its lowest and my creativity has decided to completely abandon my workaholic brain. So i'll take the easy route out and summarize 2013 in very simple words.

Good things : Not that there were many that happened or that I can think of but its still to see the glass half full (Aila!! I can see that I am an MBA now with those words :P)....here it goes....
- Changed my Job (such a relief)
- Bigger pay cheque (bigger relief :P)
- Better colleagues (don't ask me what I mean here)
- Made a lot of friends and met a lot of people (Feels so good) 
- Close friend's wedding (Dance, fun and food)
- Traveled (relaxing and refreshing)
- Mom completes 1 year in Hyderabad (Just another year to go)

Bad/not so good things : Well....there are more than a few that I can think of here as I consider 2013 to have moved as slowly as an old tragic Hindi cinema and as non-entertaining as an India-Sri Lanka cricket match 
- Did not fall in Love (yet another year goes by!!)
- Flunked in exams (such a weird feeling it is)
- Became a workaholic (last thing I wanted to happen)
- Grew fat (all the diet and workout plans failed as usual)
- Fought with a friend (ridiculous)

Before I make resolutions for 2014, I just have to say that I love even numbers and I am feeling good that 2014 is one (a good start you see!!)

Resolutions for 2014 - Not that I kept up or diligently followed everything I thought of previous year but nevertheless, it is good to make resolutions (and I know its even better to keep them alive) and this time I will give it my best shot.
- Workout, diet and look fit (has been on my list for the past decade)
- Fall in Love (if not now, its never :P)
- Stop being a workaholic
- Start reading and finish the course (so that there is no more cash outflow)
- Blog more frequently (may be you all can judge me on this at the end of the year)
- Finally follow all the above resolutions (this one should be the actual resolution)

Well with that Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Stay happy, stay crazy and have a blessed year ahead :) Hopefully you will see me around more often this year.

Signing off!!