September 17, 2011

She Came..!! She Sat...!!! She Spoke....nd I Fell...!!!

It was a pleasant Saturday evening.. I was sitting on a deserted bench in a huge park thinking of how I met her?? How we became friends?? How much I loved her?? how desperately I tried to tell her what all I wanted to tell....and how I had held myself back fearing that I might lose out on that wonderful friendship I shared with her all these while..!!

As my mind thought about all these, my eyes was scanning the huge park..the atmosphere and the ambiance....some  couples sitting on a bench chatting as if it was the last conversation of their life.....Some couples walking hand in hand at their slowest possible pace..Some elderly couple taking their much needed break after the hectic race of their was a beautiful setting with some equally beautiful thoughts running in my mind...!!

Suddenly at distance, my sight fell on a beautiful girl coming towards the bench I was sitting... wearing a gorgeous blue dress.... hair left loose...Just for a moment I could not believe what I was seeing......felt I was dreaming......just had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not. Yes..!! It was the same girl who had occupied my mind all these while..!!

She came towards me, sat on the other end of the bench on which I was sitting and looked at me right in my eyes...I was almost in a state of a shock...!! Never expected her to come here...!! I had thousands of questions in my mind but my throat had dried up...I was not even able to utter a single word....I could hear my heart beat loud and clear.

Just as I was about to ask her something, she began to speak and told me that she wanted to tell me something which she always wanted to but was somehow was not courageous enough  to speak about it all these while...on hearing those words I froze...!! Just had a feeling where my heart rocketed towards the sky..the feeling of happiness was simply  immense..!! I had just fallen for her Innocence and simplicity.

Suddenly I could feel that my back was hurting...I could hear a loud sound right beside my ears, i could hear some familiar voice shouting my name at the loudest possible volume and very soon I realised that I had fallen off from my bed...My alarm was ringing loudly and my mother was screaming at the top of her voice to wake me up as it was very late in the morning...!!! I indeed was dreaming about all this.

Wow !!! what a fantastic dream it was...was just thinking about it the whole day after that..!!!

Wish our dreams had episodes like daily that It could just continue on and on and on...!!