October 12, 2015

Numero Uno it is!!!

365 days ago, when the rituals were about to end, I had a fair sense of anxiety in my mind....that nervousness which gives you a weird feeling in the stomach - call it butterflies, rats, honeybees or anything under the sky but yes..I was afraid....I had to dance in front of a big crowd and I knew that when it comes to dance, I have two left legs :P and being the center of attraction on that day, I was sure that I would be pulled up to shake my leg. So with no way to escape, somehow I gathered courage and said to myself...."Dude!! If not now...its never" and that is it...I just danced my way to glory that night before the day of my wedding as I grandly made way for a wonderful young woman into my family :) 

As all the pomp and glory of that evening was settling and everyone were busy preparing for the big day, I just sat in a corner and visualized my wedded life. Romantic dinners, movies, late night walks, cooking for her, visiting In-laws place, fixing doctor's appointment, being a chauffeur when needed, small fights, misunderstandings, ego clashes...the list just went on and on. I was so excited and equally nervous wondering if I was ready for all these changes. 

As I type this today, its been one year of togetherness and when I look back, all that I visualized was just a drop in the ocean. She has just changed my life to an unimaginable extent and all for good. For a person who was not at all sensitive and responsible, she has actually made me a lot civilized and a much better person than I was ever before. 

Dear!! I might not have said a lot things to you till date.....but on this day, as WE turn a year older, I would like to say that you have been the fresh breath of life standing beside me as a pillar of support and strength at all the stages and for all that you have done for me,  only thing I can say is that I love you a lot....and your smile, comfort and happiness would always be the sole purpose of my life!!

An year is a long time but it has just zapped through at the blink of an eye and thanks to you for all the happiness and love you have brought into our house

With lots of Love



  1. Beautifully written :) congratulations stay blessed

  2. Beautifully written :) congratulations stay blessed