About Me :-)

Let us make it a bit Dramatic....

As Fire crackers lit up the night sky, there was sense of joy in the air, sweets were exchanged and the atmosphere was festive......it was a night of Deepavali on the 08th of November 1985 that I announced my arrival to this world..!!....... :-)

Ok Ok...I know its not that dramatic!!!!!!......Let me try and do it in a simpler way....

A true scorpion, exceedingly placid exterior with a seething intensity of emotional energy beneath.. A fun loving person......Cricket fanatic (as most of the guys born in India are), I love to hang out with friends and live life in my own terms....Cleanliness always is my first priority...In fact I am so particular about it that my younger brother accuses me of having an obsessive compulsive disorder :-)

Born in a moderately orthodox brahmin family it is no hidden fact that I am a big foodie.....right from Majjige HuLi to Nucchin unDe, shavige paysa to obbaTTu anything and everything my mom prepares...I love eating...its sometime a kind of a stress buster and gives immense satisfaction...So now you know know what it takes to get work done from me :-P

Music is another thing that keeps me on my feet...I love singing (lot of people say I am pretty good at it)..,..not learnt music professionally but have won a handful of competitions in college .... So I guess i'm not that bad as I consider myself to be..

Thats me...a simple, fun loving and a down to earth guy to summarise :-)

Gosh..!!! no one can be this vague in describing oneself :-P