October 14, 2011

ನೆನಪುಗಳ ಮಾತು ಮಧುರ....!!!

Non Kannadigas- Its means "Memories are sweet" ...Sorry had to put the topic in Kannada...it always has that emotional touch to it...!!!

Yesterday I saw a message which read "Spending time with friends, I just thought we were having fun..never realized that we were creating memories"...so true...no sooner I read it...felt like writing something about it..So here I am..!! 

All these years, I have been really really lucky to have made a lot of friends. Some have been my school mates, some my college mates, colleagues and also a few acquaintances...they have all played a very integral part in my life....Some have become really close and some have faded away over the period of time but irrespective of how I met them or how close I was to them, each and every one have left back a sweet memory trail in my life..!!

Just sitting back and turning the pages of my memories of the good old days with friends is such a "feel Good" factor...Be it bunking the classes and going for movies or the long walk from college gate to the bus stop speaking all kinds of nonsense...clicking pics while eating watermelon on a hot summer day or a roadside bhel puri on a rainy evening........Fights for small reasons and the patch ups after that....celebrating a friend's birthday in a car's backseat......Just that second of exchanging glances when we see a hot girl pass by....

Having fun at each and every situation be it Studying in a group cramming up furiously for an upcoming exam or practicing together for an upcoming cultural event or playing cricket on a hot afternoon and drink goli soda after that......posing for a camera with the first tequila shot wit best buddies (and requesting friend not to put it up in Facebook).....Helping a friend to express his love...and getting elated when it succeeds....10 people sharing a plate of Gobi Manchurian and fighting for the last piece of it......

The list is simple endless....

Each and every instance above was absolute fun..the days which I can never ever forget through out my life  and when all these happened, I just thought we were having fun.....the very fact that we were creating lifetime memories never crossed my mind...!!

Signing off