March 2, 2014


o·a·sis [oh-ey-sis]
- a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well
- something serving as a relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult.

Imagine yourself lost in a desert, walking in the blazing sun in search of some relief and out of no where you spot an oasis...Just imagine what would be the feeling?? You would simply look at the almighty and say 'Thanks a lot dude'!! won't u?

Well if not the same, I went through a similar feeling a few months ago when I joined a new company...

When I started my career 6 yrs back, I had my classmates and close friends joining with me to the same company and the most difficult transition from being a student to a professional was almost a cake walk for me with some familar faces around

Now if you are staying in a company for 5 years it almost is a second home to you. isn't it?? Well due to some reasons I had to quit this second home of mine and with that came the fear of meeting new people and getting started all over again in the new company. Thankfully for me, in there, I had my school friend in the same team again and the ice breaker was not as difficult as I thought.

The biggest problem came when I joined the 3rd company. I knew that I literally did not have any familiar face in there. Along with the fun of meeting a whole new bunch of people, I also had my fears of getting lost in the crowd. This is when I met a girl, who later went on to become a very very good friend!!

When I met her first, through normal steriotypic intro talks, I got to know that we had a same track record. In the sense, both of us had worked in the same organisations before joining here. The conversation starter had and through her I also met some wonderful group of people!!

She is a very down to earth and a fantastic buddy to have around. I could always pull her for a cup of coffee on hectic days, make fun of her and had no trouble what so ever in sharing things without hesitating. All signs of a very very good friend in the making. Now when I sit and think, I could never believe that I knew her only for about 5 months!! Sadly, as all good things come to an end, she quit the company a week ago to travel to Dubai with her hubby and her cute daughter!!! And this post (especially the title) is for her!!

Harsh!! U were simply amazing!!! Keep that spirit alive!! U really helped me break the ice and made my life in the comany a lot lot easier to handle!! Thanks a ton for all the coffee breaks :p I would really miss you around!!

All the best to ur hubby on starting a new assignment and to you for setting up a new home!! Give one chocolate to your daughter every week on my behalf :P I am sure you will remember me when you eat dosas!!

Do keep in touch!! I now know whom to contact when I come to Dubai!!

PS: Just forgot!! You dare miss my wedding :P (when it eventually happens)

Signing off