February 26, 2012

"Oh my Friend! " :-)

Oh my Friend.......When I stepped out of the house first time to go to school, you were the first person I met apart from my family. Got into a solid relationship. Little did I know that I would be experiencing the purest form of relationship ever possible :-)

Oh my Friend.......Be it winning a small competition, getting the first offer letter, the first promotion, successfully proposing a girl, a big achievement in my career.....any joy for that matter, you are the one with whom I have raised a toast in celebration every single time :-)

Oh my Friend........yes, we had difference of opinions, we fought over trivial matters and we also stopped talking for a brief while. But I never tried analyzing whose mistake it was. All that occupied my mind was how to compromise and how to start talking again and I know that was what even you were thinking about :-)

Oh my Friend........As a person it becomes difficult to share some deepest feelings or emotions with anyone....sometimes not even parents or spouse and if there is one such thing which I have to share with any one person in this world, without a second thought it would be you :-)

Oh my Friend..........You were never a stranger to me. Your house was never far to me, I always had a second home where I could barge into the kitchen any time of the day to grab drink or two from the refrigerator, ask your mom to prepare something nice to eat, have a place to spend the night if it was too late to go home. Could I have dared to do all these in anyone else s house?? (they would have killed me) :-)

Oh my Friend...........We have different goals, we have different career lines we may not meet and chat very frequently but when it happens no matter how long the gap is, I am sure we would be able to have a fantastic conversation and a hearty laugh as if we meet up and chat everyday and trust me this can happen only with a friend :-)

Oh my Friend..........Would never have enjoyed my journey of life this much without you....
A standing ovation for a wonderful never-ending partnership :-)

Dedicated to "A Friend"


February 13, 2012

A Long Wait :-)

The Valentine's week.......A week where Love is in the air, in people's hearts, in people's mind...the feeling is just so gripping that you cannot escape from it...right from an Ad in the TV to a show in the radio, its Love everywhere.....Dedicating my post to this wonderful week :-)

I can simply go on and on with Love...the feelings...the romance..the magic...as, I always say..."There is something to love stories that always impresses me"......BUT.....on a personal front, love is something that has never happened in my life......the gifts, the long conversations, the care, the possessiveness, the tenderness,the compromises and the sacrifices are those that have never been a part of my routine......those things that I have thrived to have all my life......Every time, I have either been unfortunate not to recognize that special someone or.... unlucky to have recognized a bit too late to express my Love...

There are specific moments everyday which makes me feel that there is something which is missing from my life....the time where I am in the cab back home..when I see everyone in my cab busy talking to their special someone's........while listening to a romantic song on a lovely evening.....at a specific moment in the night after lying down and before falling asleep......at the time where I do not actually know with whom to share the feeling of a bad and stressful day at work...

are the moments which momentarily reminds me that I am actually handicapped...

But......on 14th February every year when I see those lovely greeting cards....the beautiful red roses.....the desperation in a friend's eyes in planning a perfect dinner date.....or giving my piece of thought in purchasing a romantic gift is when I feel......"One opportunity and I will show how beautiful can a relationship be"

Yes, as some wise people say.....never await love...you will always be deprived of it....Just leave it alone and it comes to you at the least expected time.....

But for me that extra wait to find that special someone.......or that surprise element in not knowing when love strikes is truly a fantastic feeling in itself and a feeling that has to be experienced......just that in my case I am so experienced that the magical feeling is lost altogether...

Still waiting.....and positively thinking that God is busy in scripting the best ever love story for me... :-)

as I end......wishing all the sweet couples a very happy Valentine's week :-)

Signing off.....

PS: 14th Feb is my Parents' wedding day too......"Appa Amma - Many Happy returns of the day in advance"

Sethu :-)