September 30, 2014

She arrives!!! Just in time :)

I still remember the chain of events crystal clear in my thoughts. A day in May where summer was at its evening and the first rays of monsoon was peeping through the increasing formation of clouds, my life took a 360 degree turn........for good :)

It was Sunday the next day and I had to attend a close friend's wedding. I was busy making plans with my friends about the occasion when the big boss (read 'Dad') summoned me. Apparently I was supposed to accompany them to meet an alliance that they had found in some random matrimonial bureau. Though initially felt a little bad to miss the friend's event, these alliance and matches had become a routine in my life for the past couple of years. So i cursed all the things and beings that my eyes could locate and decided to attend my yet another 'animal in the zoo' session.

Come Sunday Morning, I just pulled out some decent looking formals, put them on and as I left the house I just thought it would be just another match under the roof and was not even close to thinking positively on this one. As I reached their house, I was completely taken aback by the number of people who were waiting out to receive me. Though I was shitting bricks seeing so many people, for a moment I felt I was a a local MLA attending some ribbon cutting event. 

I gathered myself from the shock and walked inside...and as expected I was made to sit in a strategic position where I was visible to every single person....I got a feeling of a strange creature in Zoo being stared at by a quite a big gathering.

So the big moment arrives as she walks out of the room....a cream dress, short hair, neatly groomed and strangely very calm. A fashion designer by profession and I could clearly see her profession reflecting in the way that she had presented herself. My heart just smiled from the corner of its lips giving me a shade of positive feeling about this girl.

So what next?? no clues for guessing......yes, we were sent to some room in a big big house to speak for a little while. As we sat, I was relieved being away from a big gathering. She started to talk...within a few moments I knew there was something special to this girl.....An awesome combination of confident, crisp speaking, matured and and a level headed personality. As the conversation flowed, I for a moment forgot that I was talking to a stranger in an even stranger surroundings....the signal had come and the rest as they say is History :)

At the time when people taught I was losing out on time, at the time when my parents' anxiety had given way to frustration, at the time when my brother's frowned eyebrows started to show his impatience and importantly at a time when I thought my sell by date had come....'She Arrived...Just in Time'  as a light at the end of the tunnel :)

Thanks for choosing me!! You are indeed the best thing that could have happened in my life :)

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