August 22, 2011

Dreams which are "Just Dreams....."

It is always said..."you need to dream something big and strive to make it happen"..."To Dream is to lay the foundation stone for a big achievement".....But can all your dreams come true??? or let me put it in another way.."Do you always Dream to achieve something"??....Go back and read the title of this post again and ask yourself the questions I posed just now..!!!

'My' answer to the above question would be a big NO.....Yes I want all my dreams to come true... but I have to be a bit realistic here and say "Some Dreams are Just Dreams"...those are the dreams which makes you feel good...and may be running behind them would mean no sense.....If it really happens......then it is just luck...!!! Let me dig a bit deeper into what I wanna convey here...Take some of the below Instances..!!!

Personally I am fascinated by good Love Stories......there is something in them that makes me feel good...Today I saw a movie in which a beautiful girl conveys her love to a guy by wishing him on his birthday with 12 gifts (one for each month till his next birthday)...On seeing this I felt " God!! what a lucky guy...I wish it happens to me some day"...Now this is just a dream......I would consider myself really lucky if it happens...But can I make it happen??? Never..!!!

Another one.....when ever I listen to our 'National Anthem'...I just dream of standing beside M S Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar before a match.. representing India in the World Cup Final in front of my proud parents and people who thought I would never make it big in life...Now when I imagine this..the feeling is simply out of this world....But on a realistic note...Will that happen??.....or can I run behind it now to make it happen??? I would be ROFL if you said YES...!!!

I was in love with a girl....Don't ask me if she loved me too...Obviously no..she had other preferences...but sometimes I crazily dream of that girl coming and telling me that she always wanted to be with me...Now this is something that makes me feel good momentarily....even though my mind clearly knows that this is not gonna happen..!!!...

All these are "Dreams"....which are "Just Dreams"..!!!

off to sleep now...

Good Night...
Dream big....
and Dream Sweet..!!!

Signing off

August 20, 2011

New Found Friend....!!!!

Friendship is termed to be the most sacred of all relationships in this world.....The best part of this stupendous relationship is that it has literally no limits.....You can just go on and on in adding new people to your list of friends and you will never get bored and will never regret doing it at any point in your life..!!

Everyone will have friends in life...Best buddies, Childhood friends, colleagues, classmates, friends through on and so forth....But there are very few friends who truly touch your heart....they come so close to your thoughts that you are literally comfortable in sharing anything in your personal world with them.....This post is dedicated to one such fantastic newly found friend of mine who unknowingly became very close to me....

We tend to meet a lot of people in day, some hundreds of people in a week and some thousands in  month...but only few people catch your attention....and with only those few people you feel like extending your hand to feel the warmth of friendship....

It was on similar grounds some 6 months back in the office cafeteria while having dinner with my team mates, my sight froze on a bubbly girl with a flashy smile sitting over the adjacent table for was one of those moments where my intuition took over my senses and something in me told that she would be a real real good friend... Tried talking to her a lot of times at work to build contact....We had some common friends too..but somehow was not able to pick up a conversation....May be because of my timid nature..!!

A couple of months later through the same common friend I got to know that she was quitting the company...and that day I cursed myself so so badly for being so timid in talking to her and rued the opportunity to build a prospective friendship...but as wise people say.."not all doors close at the same time..there would be at least a window that would be open" And I saw this window of a opportunity in her "Thank you mail/goodbye mail" sent to my friend.

In the mail she had mentioned a link about her blog which I thought would help me in building the contact which I always wanted to...I have this habit of reading blogs sometimes (thanks to my brother for that) and that habit of mine paid off when I read her blog and commented on that....and for the generous person she is..she replied to my comment...and since we had some similar interests (music), the conversation flowed easily and started building day by day...and the history

I know her for a little more than 3 months now....a very down to earth, very simple, very hard working and talented girl....she almost gets along with anyone with her amazing conversational skills....I can easily relate myself to her so much that I am very comfortable in sharing anything in my life with her....that perfect friend anyone would yearn to have in their lives..and I can proudly tell that I have got one..!!

Busy Bee..!!! You have been a real nice person...and an amazing've been there when ever I needed u as a friend....a big big thanks for that..!!! and I am very sure that for your kind heart, you will get everything you desire in life..!!! Stay the same..!!! Never Change..!!!!

Signing off..!!

PS: The strangest part of our friendship is that we've never met till date...hopefully get to meet her soon..!!!