May 16, 2011

If I get to choose any Job in the World, I would……

I would definitely want to be in the place of 2 people who are true masters in their respective fields…Sonu Nigam and Harsha Bhogle…Before you ask me why only these two, Just read on……..

Music and Cricket have always been my biggest passions right from childhood. And as all aspiring youngsters I would always want to be the best in either of the two. And there would be no better way to do that if I could grab the Job of any one Individuals I named above.

Starting off with Music, my previous post should tell you about my passion for music and singing…and my craze to become a celebrity took my passion to the next level (i.e. to be a singer) and considering the amazing voice and the position Sonu Nigam enjoys currently in Indian Music….every aspiring Singer would surely want to take his place…!!

Secondly Cricket….Its a known fact that if you are born in India, Cricket is your religion..The sheer passion that the game has in this country is a treat to watch….This should be enough to explain that I am no different…As any average Indian Kid would do, I took to this game like a duck to water…loved each and every bit of it. And as any youngster would dream, I wanted to play this game at the highest level. But….In a Cricket Crazy country of 1.2 Billion People, with 90% of them wanting to play for the country, you gotta be really lucky to get through.. and no prizes for guessing- I was not lucky enough..So I gave up the Idea of playing the game….!!

Instead, I started following the game very keenly..used to read books on cricket…watch shows on Cricket…to put it in a simple way, i became a student of the game and not just a spectator…..This was when I saw this individual called Harsha Bhogle, who along with the top cricketers was always up there in the books of cricket for his immense knowledge and passion of the game..who showed the world that even if you do not get to represent the country in a game, you can still get famous at it…….He is currently employed as a cricket commentator and enthusiast with a top sports channel in the world….and if given a chance, would surely wanna take his place.

It takes a lot of strength to pursue your passion and unfortuantely not may people in this world are strong enough..!!!


May 5, 2011


In Ancient India, there was a belief..If you are born as a Brahmin, you will either be a pandit or you will take to Music..!! Not too sure why this belief set in but on some serious thought I really think this is true.

Born in a Middle Class Smartha Brahmin family, where most of them were music lovers, It did not take me long to take liking to this art form. My Ajji was a fantastic artiste..she used give performances in radio in and teach music to lot of people she was very good at what she did. And my Mother, God!!! she is truly blessed with a very very sweet voice which has won her a lot of competitions at her work and other places. Infact she is very well know for her singing skills amongst our family circle

And I consider myself really lucky to have inherited this quality of both my mom and ajji...Initially I was not very much aware that I sing well....It was only when my mom go me admitted to a music class when I was 8 yrs old, I realized the rare skill I had...Unfortunately could not continue with my music classes for long because of some obstacles...But that stint in the music class was enough to boost my confidence. I started winning a lot of competitions in school and college. Came out victorious in many of the Inter Collegiate events.

I enjoyed singing so much that I wanted to take it as a profession. Wanted to be a playback singer and i used to dream of being one...Unfortunately, because of some complications, I could not pursue my dream..... That din mean I left singing...I still do sing when I'm happy, sad, at leisure and it still gives me immense pleasure every-time I do that.

As it is famously said..." you gotta be really lucky to be able to pursue your dream"

Hopefully my luck gives way and my dream comes true before my voice wears out...!!


May 4, 2011

ಕನಸಿನ ಲೋಕಕ್ಕೆ ಸುಸ್ವಾಗತ..!!!!

Just loved the Title..!!!

For all readers who don't know Kannada, "Welcome to the world of Dreams" is what I meant.

Its been a long time since I thought of writing a blog. A blog which was a mirror image of my soul. A blog which would clearly reflect my thoughts and a blog through which I could let my thoughts flow without any obstacles..!!! And after a lot of thought and some loss of hair I could finally come up with this one.

One Song in kannada which always comes to my mind when I think about dreams. The Lines go like this...

 "ಬೆಳಕೇ ಇಲ್ಲದ ದಾರಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ನಾನು ನಡೆಯಬಲ್ಲೆ...ಕನಸೇ ಇಲ್ಲದ ದಾರಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ನಾ ಹೇಗೆ ನಡೆಯಲಿ ???..ಈ ನನ್ನ ಹಾಡು ನನ್ನ ಕನಸು ಕೇಳಮ್ಮ...!!!" 
(I can suceed walking in a path with no light but it is not possible to walk in a path where there is no Dreams) 

I was always searching for a medium where I could give my dreams some shape and after a long wait, I found this to be a suitable one..!!

I am writing if for all of you to read.....your feedback will be very important to me...!!

Because..... ಇದು ಕನಸುಗಾರನ ಒಂದು ಕನಸು .........!!!!