September 9, 2019

Come on! Just one more!!

Every morning when I wake up, I shout out loudly to the positive side of my brain....."Stop will be a day that you will not fall prey to temptations, today will be the day you will free yourself from the vortex of urges that keep pulling you back into it, look at the innocent face of your daughter, the effort that you are putting to give her a wonderful life and the present of a bright future, Look at all the amazing things that you have been dreaming of. You stop it today and you are a million steps closer to achieve all of these".

But at the same time, the other side of my brain, the one that is the devil, the darker side of it shouts out to me and says..."Come on...just one more will not do any harm" and I fall prey to it every single time and end the day thinking "I should have probably not listened to it" and that one more has probably turned into hundreds of them!

The damage is done....Such a pity!! 

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